Dela Silk Rugs

Dela Silk Rugs has a wide range of Persian Rugs with a variety of designs and colours to be able to capture a variety for all tastes. Dela Silk Rugs has always intended to provide the best quality Persian Rugs in the market and has always preferred quality over quantity. With this mindset, the company’s foundation is based on offering the best quality Persian Rugs with the highest level of commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Texture features of Dela Silk Rugs

Dela Silk Rugs are produced from the most unique Rugs weaving machine in the world, made in Germany and Austria, which for the first time in the world performs simultaneous weaving and dyeing (Tintura woven), this giant high technology machine, with a length of 73 meters And 16 meters wide, the ability to produce the most delicate designs with more than one million different colours with 3,675,000 leads per square meter and 3500 leads per meter width, which is unique in its kind, weave and dye in 5 layers in 280 heads, then heat at 170 degrees Celsius. It is seen that the yarn molecule is opened and the dye sits in the essence of the yarn, is cooled and stabilized, and then the Rugs are completely washed with a special washing solution (saline), then a soft and transparent Rugs appears, dryer and latex. They are ready to cut, and this ability allows us to provide an endless range for every taste in different dimensions, having over 10,000 designs, colours, shapes and dimensions to choose from. Although our Rugs are machine made and have artificial silk, their quality, texture and appearance, give any room the feeling of having hand-made real silk Rugs from ancient Persia.

Rugs for all Houses

Rugs plays a very important role in stylish and beautiful home decoration. With Dela Silk Rugs you can choose your suitable Rugs for all spaces of your home in any style, design, colour, and size.

Rugs with custom-made designs

We are proud to offer an exclusive service and that is customising your Rug. Whether you are decorating your home, holiday house, commercial or recreational space, if you do not find your ideal Rug, we will design one specially for you from our wide range of selection.

Dela Silk Rugs Features

Modern technology

Rugs weaving with the latest and most up-to-date technology in the world to provide an excellent machine-made Rugs.

Geometric sizes

Ability to produce Rugs in any size of rectangular, runner, circle, square, polygonal and even geometric shapes.

Without any lint

Producing Rugs with unique structure and best quality yarns without any lint.

No colour restrictions

Rugs with any colour combination and without any restriction in colour selection.

The most delicate designs

Producing Rugs with the most delicate designs accordant with world trend and original Persian Rugs.

Exclusive in weaving

Rugs weaving with 2,300,000 points per square meter by a unique machine made in Germany and Austria.

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